General Access


Includes: Access to Grimm’s Gym Facilities during normal business hours.

9a-9p M-F ; 10a-6p Sat.

Private Training

$30/Full Session ; $15/Half Session

Includes: Individual Training Session (30-60 minutes) privately conducted w/a Personal Trainer. *Payment must be made at time services are rendered.*

Note: GA is NOT Included w/purchase of Individual Private Training Sessions.

Group Training: $10/person (minimum of 3 participants required)

Personal Training Packages


4/8/12 week options (discount factored into 12-week packages)

Bronze: $100/$200/$250 (orig. $300)

- One Private Training Session per Week + General Admission

- Sessions Cover: General Health & Full-Body Conditioning

- Emphasis: Overall Athleticism / Balance / Proprioception

Silver: $200/$400/$500 (orig. $600)

- Two Private Training Sessions per Week + General Admission

- Sessions Cover: Upper Body (D1) & Lower Body (D2)

- Emphasis: Stamina / Endurance Training 

Gold: $300/$600/$750 (orig. $900)

- Three Private Training Sessions per Week + General Admission 

- Sessions Cover: Upper (D1), Lower (D2), Core & Cardio (D3)

- Emphasis: HIIT / Muscle Toning / Fat Loss

Titanium: $400/$800/$1000 (orig. $1200)

- Four Private Training Sessions per Week + General Admission

- Sessions Cover: Advanced Compound Exercises & PHA Movements 

- Emphasis: Heavy Cardiovascular Conditioning / Strength Training

Platinum: $500/$1000/$1250 (orig. $1500)

- Five Private Training Sessions per Week + General Admission

- Sessions Cover: Individual Muscle Groups, Form & Function

- Emphasis: Competitive Bodybuilding / Powerlifting


  • Mobile Accessibility (Gym App)

  • Custom designed exercise program(s)

  • Workout(s) tailored to clients’ goals

  • Weekly Check-ins

  • Monthly Measurements

  • Nutrition Guidance

  • Meal Planning

  • Supplement Education

*Initial Consultation Required*

Personal Training Packages are a great way to book Private Training sessions ahead of time to insure you have your choice of days/times, depending on availability at time of purchase! They’re also a great way to learn how to take control of your health, and become educated on all things FITNESS! Our trainers take time to thoroughly get to know our clients, assess their goals, and apply workout programs proven to be effective for helping them reach said goals!

We motivate through coaching, and demonstrate through example!

Positivity is our tool; exercise is our medium!

Note: ALL Packages INCLUDE General Access!